4/21/2023 / JOURNAL ENTRY #5

OMG GAIZ!!! :DDD WE FOUND FAYGO TODAY!! one of our local stores waz finally carrying some for 99c each! (for 20 fl oz?! omg right? expensive XD) my mom thinks theyre probably gunna b adding more flavors thru the year (they had redpop, grape, cotton candy n cola) which like. i hope so!
anyway, we bought fried chicken for dinner, found faygo and delicious crush?! O_o (we found peach and strawberry in the store!! :D)

4/15/2023 / JOURNAL ENTRY #4

marijuana is a hell of a drug u_u
(my eyes r having a hard time focusing) anyway im slowly adding more fansites
as i go, its an everbuilding cluster of fandoms :3 planning 2 add more slenderverses
(debating removing hollow hemlocks
bc theyre in gen 3 and gen 3 is closed?
which is not very kosher to me) + debating adding
stranger things / glee / true blood fansites maybe but also.
what would i add that wouldnt b
heavily copyrighted >://

2/12/2023 / JOURNAL ENTRY #3

it doesnt matter it was a stunt im still happy!!!

2/12/2023 / JOURNAL ENTRY #2

AAAAA I'm so excited for the Superbowl!!!
LMAO not for sports but
.....M&Ms!!! X000 AAAAAHH!!!
I'm so excited to see what they do with Purple.
shes gunna be so cute...
I hope they put her in a cute outfit or something.
We've only seen her au naturel, and frankly,
I'm not satisfied. Give my Cold Brew girl some cute outfits!!!
We're gunna play Roblox thru the superbowl >;3

2/10/2023 / JOURNAL ENTRY #1

Started playing Roblox! (add me! @r3tr0bun :3)
Ky n I have been playing Obbys and
I spent like a straight hour playing
Squishmallows on Roblox last night. LMAO.
Collection games are just so much fun.
Ofc my squishmallows don't get to be equipped ever
Because they demand sustenance and
I'm busy treasure hunting >:v